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Last minute tours to Lefkada from Bucharest!
From 617 € per person

If you have long dreamed of spending your vacation on the Greek island of Lefkada, then be sure to pay attention to our current offers in this direction! You can learn about the latest offers for Lefkada from Bucharest by subscribing to our groups on Instagram and Facebook.

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Nr. nights 7
Check in 24.06.2024
Check out 01.07.2024
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Departure there 24.06.2024
Departure back 01.07.2024
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If you are looking for a great place to relax, where you can break away from the routine and enjoy life, then Lefkada is what you need! This beautiful Greek island is known for its pristine beaches, bright blue waters and stunning views.

To get to this amazing island, you can take the Bucharest-Lefkada flight.

In terms of accommodation, Lefkada has plenty of options for those looking for comfort and convenience. Many hotels on the island operate on an All Inclusive basis, and if you choose an All Inclusive holiday in Lefkada, this means that you can enjoy all the food and drinks served at the hotel without worrying about additional costs.

When you arrive in Lefkada from Bucharest by plane, it won't take long to feel at home here. The island offers many interesting places to visit, ranging from beautiful beaches to historical sites. In addition, you can explore mountain trails and enjoy stunning views of the island and its surrounding waters.

Here are a few places worth visiting during your trip to Lefkada:

1. Beaches: Lefkada is known for its beautiful beaches such as Porto Katsiki and Egremni. Both beaches offer crystal clear waters and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and islands. Water sports are also available on some beaches.

2. Faneromeni Monastery: This is a beautiful monastery located on a mountain with stunning views of the island. Here you can learn more about the history of the island and visit the museum of the monastery.

3. Mountain hike: Lefkada offers many mountain routes where you can enjoy beautiful views of the island and the sea. One of the most popular routes is the route to the top of Mount Storaki, which offers stunning views of the whole of Lefkada and the surrounding islands.

4. Agios Nikolaos: This is a beautiful mountain village on the island where you can immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions. Here you can visit beautiful churches and cafes, as well as buy local souvenirs.

5. Akamenika National Park: This national park offers a unique landscape including rocky formations, beautiful beaches and crystal clear lakes. Here you can enjoy walks in the park and picnics surrounded by nature.

These are just some of the many attractions in Lefkada that are worth visiting. During your trip to the island, don't forget to enjoy the local cuisine, which offers delicious meals with local ingredients such as olives and local fish.

No matter what type of holiday you prefer, in Lefkada you will find everything you need for a great time. As we have already said, there is a plane from Bucharest to Lefkada - so, get into it and go on a well-deserved vacation to this amazing Greek island!

Below you can find the top hotels of Lefkada island today:

Thalero Holiday Center 2*

Vergina Star 3* (Nikiana)

La Casa D'Irene 2*(Kathisma Beach)

Poros Beach 2*(Mikros Gialos)

Pansion Marina Lefkada (Nydri)

Bounatsa Studios & Apartments (Nydri)

Porto Ligia Hotel 3* (Ligia (Lefkada))

Matina Studios (Nikiana)

Tesoro Hotel 3*(Nikiana)

Aliki 4*(Nikiana)

Hotel Avra Beach 2*(Nydri)